The Show Choir was founded to create a community of singers from all walks of life who want to have fun whilst producing a wall of harmony that excites both the participant and the audience.
Our ethos is to empower 'ordinary people', many of whom have never sung before, to be part of a choir that is non-judgmental and fun yet still produces the quality sound of more traditional choirs.
Everyone has the opportunity to perform if they wish at venues as diverse as a High Street, Village hall, large theatre, London exhibitions, foreign tours etc. All members can take as much or as little as they want from their membership.  If you don't want to perform and just enjoy the camaraderie of the choir and make new friends that is fine.
The choir also runs lots of social events as well, and many of the members have become friends outside of the choir.
We also try to keep prices for membership and concerts as low as possible and also do many events in aid of various charities.
We meet for 50 weeks a year and our terms are 12 weeks.  Membership costs just £6 per week paid termly with the option to pay in 2 installments to help ease budgets.

Once a member you can attend as many weekly sessions as you want - some of our members come to 2 rehearsals a week - nearer performance times some even come 3 times,

We also have a comprehensive members area where you can download rehearsal materials etc.

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